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Bollywood Marketing with India Study Abroad Center

Posted by on October 13th, 2013 · 2013, 2014, Arts and Social Science, Self funded, Short courses

ISAC now gives you an opportunity to dig deeper into Bollywood, one of the largest and most profitable film industries in the world.

Gain exposure to the business of making and marketing films in Bollywood. Meet professionals who work in the fields of marketing, public relations, distribution, digital marketing, poster designing, cinema management, and post-production during a 2-week tenure to understand the finer things that work in Bollywood and its business.

The students will get equipped with theoretical and practical training of working with marketing in Bollywood. To name a few:

  • They get an understanding that Bollywood films have much more variety and depth than what the general Bollywood films depict.
  • They develop an integrated knowledge of film promotion and marketing strategies.
  • The exposure visits help them gather a critical perception about ethnic culture , values, behavior, trends and Indian lifestyle and food.
  • They develop a greater sensitivity to poverty, social issues, and differences in culture and gain a higher level of adaptability.

For more information on the program, please click here

UNSW students who secure a placement in this program should complete the UNSW GEP Registration Form and return to:



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