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global cit

AIESEC UNSW offers The Global Citizen Program, which provides students with the opportunity to volunteer overseas from a period of 6 to 12 weeks for a challenging learning and cross-cultural experience.


Some of you will be embarking on your study exchange in Semester 2 with uni starting in September. Why not spend July to September doing something meaningful and volunteer in a local community overseas?

This is what Ned had to say about his own AIESEC Global Citizen experience in Poland!


“There was one time in Poland I was stranded at the station at 1am looking for a place to charge my phone. All of the power points except one which was powering the huge 30m tall Christmas tree right in front of the shopping mall were locked. I was walking around it thinking if I should unplug it and there was a homeless guy who went up to me and said ‘oh just unplug it, no one will notice’. So I pulled out the plug and ALL of the lights on the tree suddenly just went off. So I just sat there in the dark and charged my phone. Then the security guard came up to me and was going to tell me off but I kept saying ‘Prosze! Prosze!’ which means please in polish. After a while he just laughed and left me alone to charge my phone. I’d like to think he let me off because of his polish Christmas spirit!”boyy

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