19-20 August 2011   MAIN CONFERENCE


“We have entered the experimental age…Experiments are no longer conducted just in the laboratory. They have become collective experiments that concern each and every one of us.”Bruno Latour, 2004

What is experimentation? What makes art ‘experimental’? What are the results of aesthetic experiments and why do we need them? Could artists invent new modes of experimentation with/for science? What are the differences between experiments and inventions; experiments and failures; experiment and innovation? How do we set up ethico-scientific-aesthetic experiments?

This conference will showcase and discuss innovative arts projects by leading practitioners, thinkers and research groups that model new forms of transdisciplinarity and offer new ways of addressing real-world issues. These include works that have successfully ‘changed the world’ as well as speculative initiatives that radically change the way we think. It will survey the results and potential of Experimental Arts, inviting leaders in the field to discuss how we can extend and support a platform for path-breaking experimentation.

The main conference will be preceded by a two-day National Postgraduate Conference on Experimental Arts.
Key speakers include: James Crutchfield (Complexity Sciences Centre, University of California, Davis) and David Dunn (Art and Science Laboratory, Santa Fe); Donald Brook (Flinders University); Amy Balkin (CCA; Stanford); Mischa Kuball (Academy of Media Arts, Cologne); Chris Bosse (UTS; L.A.V.A.); Terry Smith (Pittsburgh; NIEA); Elizabeth Ann Macgregor (MCA, Sydney); Adrian Mackenzie (University of Lancaster); Victoria Vesna (University of California, Los Angeles) Lyndal Jones (RMIT); Pia Ednie- Brown (RMIT); Joyce Hinterding (University of Sydney); Richard Goodwin, Paul Thomas, Paula Dawson, Douglas Kahn, Anna Munster, Nigel Helyer, Jill Bennett (NIEA, UNSW); iCinema, Centre for Interactive Cinema, UNSW with a screening of its immersive, interactive work Scenario.

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