Special Volume of Studies in Material Thinking (SMT)
Vol. 5 (February 2012), ISSN 1177-6234, AUT University
Copyright © Studies in Material Thinking and the author.

The National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at  COFA, UNSW is pleased to announce a partnership with Studies in Material Thinking (SMT) for a special issue of SMT linked to the Experimental Arts conference.

The issue will focus on the nature of experimentation in the arts, pursuing Bruno Latour’s notion that “we have entered the experimental age…Experiments are no longer conducted just in the laboratory. They have become collective experiments that concern each and every one of us.”

Papers will be invited from speakers of the conference – practitioners, thinkers and research groups whose work exemplifies creative and transdisciplinary experimentation. These may include art/design projects that have developed creative approaches to practical problems in areas such as health, sustainability, ecology, or media and informatics, as well as speculative initiatives that radically change the way we think.

Submission Process
The following deadline applies to speakers invited for publication in SMT and/or who have expressed interest:

·      Full paper submission deadline: 26 August 2011; papers to be submitted to niea@unsw.edu.au
·      Invitation to publish in the special issue will be communicated by 31 Oct 2011
·      Revision period: November through December 2011
·      The final, revised version of the paper should be submitted to niea@unsw.edu.au no later than January 15, 2012
·      The new volume is expected to be on-line April/May 2012

With the help of the NIEA Experimental Arts Conference editorial committee, SMT Editor-in-Chief Nancy de Freitas will select papers to be published in the special issue of SMT. Selection will be based on final, full papers and authors will have the opportunity to revise papers prior to publication in the journal.

Paper Format & Style Guide
As a guide, should be approximately 3000 words but selection will not be based on length only. SMT’s style guide and format is available on their website.

Post Conference Publication Chairs
·       Nancy de Freitas
Editor-in-Chief, Studies in Material Thinking
School of Art and Design
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
Auckland University of Technology

·       Jill Bennett
Professor and Associate Dean
College of Fine Arts
Director, National Institute for Experimental Arts
University of New South Wales

Publication Editorial and Review Committee
·       Douglas Kahn, Professor  of Media and Innovation
National Institute for Experimental Arts
University of New South Wales

·       Ross Harley, Professor and Head of Media Art
University of New South Wales

·       Paul Thomas, Associate Professor and Media Artist
University of New South Wales

·       Anna Munster, Associate Professor Media Art and Theory
University of New South Wales

SMT 5 welcomes contributions from all experimental areas of artistic or design practice where materiality plays a key role. SMT 5 is open to innovative format options. We would like to have the opportunity to work with submissions using images in a positive, active, discursive manner and to assist artists and researchers to explore a strongly visual form of argumentation.