Yesterday we had a our ‘kick- off ‘ meeting with our new developers ‘The Interaction Consortium‘ – known as IxC for short. This officially inauguarates the building stage of the project.

Greg Turner (Director, PhD and Technical Information Architect among other things) drove the meeting that was attended by the DAAO project team, Lead CI Prof Ross Harley and our trusty site designers, House of Laudanum and Alastair Weakley ( another Director of IxC, who also has a PhD and is also terribly clever and experienced at developing cutting edge data driven sites).

Greg re-establishing definitions of success for project.

It was very exciting to finally get everyone in a room together and to plan the build. Everyone is the room is so committed to making the new DAAO a real example of best practice E- research. There is something so wonderful about saying things like’ so we’ll have completed data migration by March’ , or we’ll be ‘editing data¬† in the site in April’ , ‘we’ll be testing most functionality in May’.

check the focus in the room. No Ross is not asleep, he is deep in thought.

So watch this space! there’ll be lots to show and tell soon.