Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. What with data migration, site building, interoperability negotiations and stitching up our next LIE, blogging became priority c ūüėČ

quick update;

data migration is more or less complete. We are just mainly ‘cleaning up’ now. Data Migration would have to be one of the most intense work experiences i’ve ever known. You learn so much about your¬† data and all the really grunty bits of data organisation. Huge learning curve for all of us and tremendously exciting- but also exhausting. I imagine Liz will post on the process sooner or later. ( She’s been quite heroic! – We love our data dudes at the DAAO!)

site building : we are working with editing interface now- bells and whistles are being attached each day. Alastair from IxC, (our developers) is an island of calm in an sea of activity tickets that fly around in the online project management system.  All appears to be happening more or less on time. all good there.

LIEF and interoperation: It is becoming apparent that we have a pressing need to develop some seriously efficient  automated and semi-automated  work flow tools for interoperating with large datasets. All the collections and research insitutions  I have met get the usefulness of our project and how it will expose quality datasets to eachother. Consequently,  everyone is signing on.  I was in Melbourne last week and was overwhelmed with how many major resources there are in Melbourne alone. We will be working very closely with many Victorian research and collection institutions in the next round. Its is very exciting and will enhance our research capacity enormously.

and finally! here are some identity concepts to comment on.

Both are still in development and both have been presented to Management Committee¬† and DAAO production teams (last Friday).¬† I won’t disclose our thoughts as yet, so as not to colour any opinions.¬† Comments are open. let us know what you think.


in context:

and another:

and in context.