We’ve had some great opportunities to work with South Australian cultural organisations over the years.  This year DAAO partnered with the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF) on a project aimed at exposing their extensive archives.  In particular the project focussed on AEAF event data from 1974-84, which was not previously indexed online.

Project officer Sarah Northcott worked through archives from the period, including the publication A decade at the EAF: A History of the Experimental Art Foundation 1974-1984, Britton, Stephanie (ed.), to create and update nearly 500 person, group, event, work and reference records.

As it happens, Sarah has a particular interest in this period of the AEAF’s history.  Her Art History Thesis (Master of Arts, University of Adelaide 2012) was titled Institutional Responses to Post Object Art in Australia 1974-1979: The Experimental Art Foundation, ‘Link’ Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of South Australia,  so she was the perfect woman for the job.

Thanks to Sarah for all of her work in making this archive accessible through DAAO,  to CI Cathy Speck for initiating the project and especially to the Julie Lawton, Fulvia Mantelli and the AEAF team for their guidance and hospitality.