We are so happy to announce that Dr Dorothy Erickson’s contribution of 662 artist records (with an associated 11222 entity records) from her research into artists, artisans, designers, makers and manufacturers of cultural heritage for Western Australia 1829 to 1959 has been uploaded into DAAO.  Some sample records can be seen here:

Dr Erickson is an artist and jeweller, art historian, curator,  who was the WA  Editor of ArtLink for 10 years. She was also an original contributor to the Australian Dictionary of Biography ( the legacy data on which DAAO was founded). The research she has contributed in this latest data important is really rich data with related entities in Work/Event/Recognition/externalResource/Place and was a great test for our new party matching and Import modules which handled the complexity of the matching well. It also fill significant gaps in our information base. Dr Erickson’s work and the inclusion of ( former Curtin academic, now COFA) Prof Paul Thomas’s research  from Biennale of Electronic Arts  BEAP has resulted in over 13,000 entity records relating to Western Australian artist, works and exhibition being incorporated into DAAO during the LIEF 2012 project.

To find out more about Dorothy, there is a nice interview here: