We’ve been back on deck since mid January  and heads down doing final fixes on the import and party matching modules that will enable us to automatically import records from our partners.  We have already successfully tested some of our new functionalities with Deakin Research Online repository of artists’ works and imported creative works data.  http://www.daao.org.au/bio/collection/deakin-research-online/

These final stages of the 2012 LIEF project are exciting as we see all the hard work of our data manager and developers come to fruition. We are deploying these final fixes to the production site on Wednesday. On Thursday we will begin bulk imports – so get ready to watch the stats rise.

Oh and BTW; our membership is growing remarkably; last count 1602! including 149 moderators! not bad at all.  I’ll be posting more details on our membership and how people are using the site shortly.

And one more piece of happy news: DAAO is pleased to announce the birth of our second child since the project began last year. Ran and her family now have another adorable  boy, Jinbo (born three weeks ago).