As we start winding up the 2012 project- we are seeing the fruits of our labour bloom.  Our information base is really starting to grow.  Last week we finally exceeded the 10 K mark for artist and designer biographies. In fact the figure this week is 10, o99 individuals and 485 groups. This will continue to grow in the next few weeks.

Perhaps the most exciting growth has been in our newer areas of focus: exhibition and works which have doubled in size over the past year.

We have just harvested our first data set from University of Sydney, Power Institute. This is a wonderful development as we we now have a sustainable and automated workflow between the significant research held by Power Institute and DAAO.  A wonderful example of this relationship can be seen i the recent uploading of data on  exhibition : J.W. Power: Abstraction Création, Paris 1934 which is a reconstruction of J.W. Power’s 1934 Paris solo exhibition with the Abstraction Création group.  The research of  curators, Ann Stephen and  A.D.S Donaldson  was entered into Power Institute EMu system and the harvested in DAAO using a new import module. The information on works is really detailed and it is wonderful to have this research finally exposed.  You can see more here: