In 2014 we’ll be carrying out infrastructure developments under DAAO’s 5th Australian Research Council LIEF grant, LE140100120 ‘Design & Art Australia Online Research Tool: enabling next generation e-Research in Australia’s visual and design cultures’.

As DAAO increases its information base through its automated harvest facilities (LIEF2012) and draws more active engagement from researchers, new demands are being placed on the facility. The 2014 project will refine schema and mappings of events and works to better match researcher queries and enable data repurposing for visualisation; automate linking facilities between established entity links; and develop researcher collaboration functionalities.

Ahead of these developments DAAO staff will be taking a break from end Dec 2013 – March 2014.  During the break all existing Members can continue to use the site as normal.  The site won’t be taking new member registrations during this period. If you landed on the site during the break please email us or leave a calling card on the home page and we’ll contact you as soon as the site opens for new member registration in March 2014.

To DAAO’s amazing community of contributors who have shared their research on the site this year, and to our research partners, thank you for a brilliant 2013.