Dr Gillian Fuller spoke about DAAO at Contemporary Art and Feminism‘s (CAF) Curating Feminism Conference on the weekend.

Congratulations to the CAF team on another great event!  The abstract for Gillian’s presentation is below.

DAAO is also working with CAF to fill in the gaps of feminist art exhibitions and events between 1975 – 1995. One major resource for this is Past Present: The National Women’s Art Anthology, edited by Joan Kerr and Jo Holder (Craftsman House), 1999. But surely there are more resources around. If you have information to contribute, check out DAAO’s public project page.

Curating Feminism,
Thursday 23 October to Sunday 26 October 2014.
Datascapes – another kind of public space. Dr Gillian Fuller, NIEA, Art & Design, UNSW.
Design and Art Australia Online (DAAO) is a public space, more specifically it is a public space in a network of other public spaces – both digital and analogue. DAAO is an open, public and free database that holds and distributes information about Australian artists and designers, their lives, works, exhibitions, awards and more. It is a piece of public infrastructure that occupies a digital techno-cultural space that is fraught with intersecting and contradictory drives, myths and regulatory protocols and discourses.

How can public infrastructure in digital space assist curation and critically recast how data operates in public spaces?