While we’ve been working on scoping technical developments for the current LIEF project, we’ve also been busy on a couple of great content projects which will support our CIs and feed in to site developments.

Northern Tasmanian artists & collectives

CI Prof Marie Sierra enlisted former curator Rhonda Hamilton to publish information from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery archives on the exhibition histories of Northern Tasmanian artists and collectives. Rhonda’s work has enriched data ingested during previous UTAS partnerships, and her work on the Olegas Truchanas record will help inform some of our refinements to the DAAO Works schema.

Past and Present. National Women’s Art Exhibition 1995

This project with Contemporary Art and Feminism (CAF), at the University of Sydney aims to fill in the gaps of feminist art exhibitions and events between 1975- 1995. One major resource for this is Past Present: The National Women’s Art Anthology edited by Joan Kerr and Jo Holder (Craftsman House), 1999.

Eric Riddler has been working with this and other resources to add content to the DAAO.  We will use this data as a test case for development of our export module and develop a visualisation.

We’ll have news on more content projects shortly.