Recognition Program LaunchPad Session

We’re creating a new recognition program at UNSW IT to celebrate individuals and teams doing great work. To start, we’ve organised LaunchPad sessions with people from all areas of IT to understand how the recognition program should take shape. The first session was a great success, and from that the team pulled apart three areas to focus on; Having a Go, Showing Passion, and Focus on Outcomes. Below are some of the ideas generated in that LaunchPad session. Continue reading

Introducing The IT LaunchPad- Where we are changing the way we work

In IT we are excited and energised by the 2025 Strategy.

We believe UNSW IT is in a great position to support the University in its commitment to transform lives through excellence, to become something different to what we are today and to support our customers through the same journey.

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A new way of measuring customer satisfaction


We have a new way of measuring customer satisfaction in IT. From the 1st of July UNSW IT started to use a customer service metric called Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is defined as a measure of how likely our customers are to recommend us to a friend or a colleague, expressed as a score.

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UNSW Service Improvement Conference

IT Heroes Night

Last Friday the Scientia hosted the UNSW Service Improvement Conference, a bi-annual event that aims to connect UNSW IT with those who use our services the most — the students of UNSW. The Service Improvement Conference is part of the IT Heroes Program, and aims to discover ideas from the student body on how we can improve our services, while giving students the chance to develop their skills in teamwork, problem solving and communications.

Congratulations to the winners, teams Unviate, Mayte, and Handbook 2.0 – the judges had a difficult time narrowing down the field to just three winners.  Continue reading

One Front Door

We are excited to announce a new initiative that we believe will make it easier and simpler for the UNSW community to get in touch with the right areas across UNSW IT no matter what the specific query.   This initiative is in response to feedback received from across UNSW as part of the IT Review which brought to our attention a number of customers who find some difficulty in knowing who to contact for specific IT queries. Continue reading