VR and AR Research at UNSW

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality research is in full swing at UNSW Australia. The latest technologies are being used by teaching staff and researchers from facilities as diverse as Art and Design, the Built Environment, Engineering and Medicine. Facilitating this is the LITEroom, a dedicated space for UNSW to showcase new educational technologies, allowing staff hands-on access to new products and equipment that have the potential to make a positive contribution to learning and teaching practices.

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Introducing The IT LaunchPad- Where we are changing the way we work

In IT we are excited and energised by the 2025 Strategy.

We believe UNSW IT is in a great position to support the University in its commitment to transform lives through excellence, to become something different to what we are today and to support our customers through the same journey.

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UNSW Recommendations for macOS Sierra

Wait and research before upgrading

Apple is releasing its new version of the Mac operating system, macOS 10.12 Sierra on September 21.

Mac users running 10.11 can upgrade their Mac via the Mac App Store from the 21st, however UNSW IT suggest you delay upgrading your Mac for a few weeks to give Apple and app developers time to address the many bugs that typically exist in a new operating system release.

If you rely on certain software (such as SPSS or Photoshop) it is worth waiting to see if other users are experiencing bugs with that software before upgrading. Checking the support forums of the software you use regularly is recommended. Roaring Apps maintains a list of applications that are known to be incompatible with Sierra. Continue reading

UNSW IT Service Centre – About Us

Here is the first in a series of videos introducing you to the UNSW IT team. We’re starting with the IT Service Centre, the first people you’re likely to interact with when you contact IT. 

UNSW Australia is one of the largest universities in the country. With over 53k students, 6k staff and over 260k alumni,  the IT Service Centre is one of the first contact points for prospective and current students, staff and alumni of UNSW. 

The IT Service Centre is a small and dedicated team that strives to provide positive outcomes for its customers. The team is trained to technically troubleshoot IT issues from wireless and email to learning and research systems. The range of services we support is very wide, and the IT Service Centre resolves around 70k requests per year, and around 30k of those at the first point of contact.   

The team also provisions access to core organisational systems, actioning over 7.5k requests per year. The University needs to focus on collaboration, learning, teaching and research, and the IT Service Centre enables this.  

One initiative of the Service Centre is the IT Hero Program. The program allows our students to experience meaningful work integrated learning through participation in internal innovation projects aimed at improving UNSW products and services.  

The Service Centre’s mission is to provide an awesome experience to every customer, on every device, across every touchpoint.

Pokemon Go at UNSW

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping the impact of Pokemon Go. In the last few weeks, Nintendo gained almost $30 billion in market value, before seeing its stock tumble just as quickly. Thousands of Australians joined a Pokemon walk to catch the little critters as a community. The game has even caused a surge in battery pack sales, with some retailers seeing an increase of 200%. So what has been the impact at UNSW?


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Technology Research At Your Fingertips

Person at computer with coffee mugWhere should you go to when looking for answers on technology questions and direction?

At UNSW we are fortunate to have multiple research and analyst resources available to us;

  • Gartner
  • Cutter Consortium
  • CEB IT Leadership Council ­
  • Forrester

These are all resources available to UNSW staff, that can provide us with insight into technology information and market research.

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