One Front Door

We are excited to announce a new initiative that we believe will make it easier and simpler for the UNSW community to get in touch with the right areas across UNSW IT no matter what the specific query.   This initiative is in response to feedback received from across UNSW as part of the IT Review which brought to our attention a number of customers who find some difficulty in knowing who to contact for specific IT queries.


UNSW IT seeks to address this by implementing a “One Front Door” initiative that encourages customers to
contact the IT Service Operations Centre for all IT related issues or queries.  To instil confidence with our customers that their query will be dealt with in an timely fashion we will be strengthening our Service Operations Centre processes and improve the focus on customer service throughout all of UNSW IT.


Customers will have a single location to direct their IT queries to. This removes any confusion in the process to follow and the negative experience of having a potentially important query unresolved.

This will then enable an increased level of confidence and satisfaction in the Service Operations Centre and UNSW IT as an organisation and customers will consider UNSW IT a more valuable partner in supporting their business needs.

Monitoring will be put into place to measure the impact this offering has on customer satisfaction.




This initiative represents a dynamic shift in how UNSW IT functions as an organisation; specifically in its interactions with customers.

The first stage of implementing ‘One Front Door’ involves liaising with all the support teams within UNSW IT to gather knowledge and raise awareness of the initiative. This knowledge will be used by the IT Service Operations Centre to either resolve or direct customer enquiries with increased efficiency and accuracy.

The initiative will lift UNSW IT’s responsiveness and end-to-end ownership of a request.  The Service Centre has been trained regarding the initiative and the following communication approach has been developed to roll this out to the remainder of IT:

  • An email will be sent to all of IT, advising of the initiative, the expectations and requirements from IT.
  • A training session with the UNSW IT Managers will also occur further detailing these requirements and expectations. This will then also be passed down to teams with the support of the “One Front Door” team.
  • The next stage will involve advertising this new offering to UNSW staff and students.



As customers contact the IT Service Operations Centre their calls will be escalated according to the following classification:

  1. BAU – IT Service Operations Centre can resolve at First Point of Contact (FPOC)
  2. BAU – normal escalation occurs if not resolvable at FPOC
  3. Non-standard – normal escalation occurs if not resolvable at FPOC
  4. Non-standard – escalation to Business Relationship Management (BRM) if additional interaction and process changes are required

Where calls may relate to an existing escalation, the IT Service Operations Centre can provide a warm transfer for the customer to an available SME to have their query addressed immediately.

As we process these non-standard type requests, there will continue to be a feedback loop between the BRM team and the IT Service Operations Centre to continually refine and update the knowledge base, which results in faster resolution time for the customer.

Download ‘One Front Door’

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