UNSW Service Improvement Conference Next Friday

Next Friday, August 5th, the John Niland Scientia Building with play host to the UNSW Service Improvement Conference. The bi-annual event has produced initiatives like the MyIT Mobile App and the Virtual Campus concept. 

Andrew Maloney will be guest speaker at the event. Andrew is a former UNSW student, and the founder of StudentVIP.com.au, which boasts over 880,000+ members. Andrew also created the popular Lost on Campus App, and went on to found Flatmates.com.au

The UNSW Service Improvement Conference is part of the UNSW Hero Program. The conference is a chance for Heroes to form teams and investigate ways to improve the university experience at UNSW by leveraging technology and embracing the 2025 Strategic Plan. Eight teams of students will pitch their ideas and compete for the best Service Improvement Initiative. Prior to presenting, each group of students have completed several workshops ranging from innovation to project management, organised by internal and external UNSW Hero Program partners.

The event will be followed by a networking session, with complimentary food and drinks.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to Anatoli Kovalev

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