The Aims of CRASH@COFA

Developing an overall performance and external profile with other universities and research groups.

Leading the networking of strategies to establish a wide range of science and art research projects consistent with the mission and themes contemporary arts.

Contributing to the development of the arts  through involvement in professional associations, conferences, and other external activities.

Working  and supporting the University’s commitment to equity of CRASH, and to secure external funding as required.

Creation of an international major residency  program at the centre to ensure that COFA and the other state’s artist researchers and scientist have access to state-of-the-art technology, for competitive research funding.

Developing creative digital national and international communities, to ensure full utilization of capabilities within the centre.

Supervising honours and postgraduate students in developing a research culture.

Exploring techniques and methods to develop leaders in creative content development.

Ensuring that the opportunities for collaboration and integration between the Centre’s facilities and partners are optimised.

Ensuring Collaboration with industry and create access to research funds.