Building Partnerships

CRASH has initiated partnerships with groups in different sectors, and will broaden these into other areas as it grows. An early focus will be to create complementary “fringe” or mini-events with notable presenters who are expert in the partner’s area of interest. CRASH will develop a series of satellite events, enabling it to reach into other disciplines and gain the benefits of cross-pollination.


Although CRASH will always be focused on science, art and technology, the long-term strategic opportunity for it is as a base for ongoing collaborative research – to create an environment in which these various disciplines collectively pursue high-end research. Our aim is to develop a FutureLab, a central point in the node and ultimately a physical space for these activities to take place.


The CRASH would offer:

Neutral ground for hybrid, cross-disciplinary work: At present artists may be invited into the scientific realm or technologists are invited to work with artists, but genuine collaborative research requires that the disciplines meet as equal players on shared ground.
A supportive environment: A sustainable, flexible and supportive environment that feeds and stimulates new approaches to projects that attract the finest international researchers –through residencies and fellowships.
Opportunities for close interdisciplinary relationships: Well developed and multi-layered relationships between the stakeholders that are inclusive of new potential linkages and outwardly focussed.
An inspiring and sophisticated public presence: A vibrant on-line presence to the world that is innovative, inspiring and detailed that provides an ongoing demonstration of the power of the collaborative effort.