Art and Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research 2014

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

The beginning of the 21st century is characterized by an overwhelming awareness of scientific and technological issues. The field of art that interacts with the practices of science and its technologies is commonly referred to as Art&Science. During the past decades, the hybrid field of art & research has become more or less established, with iconic works, established institutions and documented histories. The interrelation between music, art, natural and computer sciences can be seen in new media art, biotechnological or telecommunication art and other contemporary artistic practices that have an experimental character.

An international conference “Art & Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research” and related exhibition takes place in 2014, organized by the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA) and the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA). The main goal is to nurture synergetic cooperation of art and science and to present a multiplicity of practices in different research fields by doctoral students, internationally renowned researchers and practitioners, and the emerging ideas regarding convergence and confluence of different disciplines.

The organisers are thus delighted to announce a public call for inter- or transdisciplinary works, topics and research to enrich the cultural landscape, as well as to highlight thought-provoking questions. The exhibition takes place from 30th of May to 24th of August 2014 in Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM,