Following the call for papers:

I kindly invite You to send proposals of paper, poster, artworks or
live-performance for the 13th Generative Art Conference.
GA2010 will be held in Italy, at Politecnico di Milano University, the
15-16-17 December 2010. The opening cocktail will be the previous day,
the 14th of December, at 6PM.
This year we reached the 13th annual event and GA conference increased
of interest and importance. It is now the 1st reference for people
researching and creating with generative advanced approaches.
Around 600 papers presented in the previous conferences are in the GA
website for free full consultation.
As the other years we will wait for your proposals (papers, posters,
artworks/installations, live performances) until September 15th and we
are sure that with your contributions GA2010 will be, once more, a
moment of great exchange of experiences and an occasion of meeting
people working with the same approach in a wide range of different
I hope that you will be interested to this meeting and that you will joint us.

The CALL FOR PAPER / POSTER / ARTWORK / PERFORMANCE is in the website where you can find the list of the participants
to the previous GA conferences and their papers.

For increasing the possibilities to exchange experiences and
discussions, the conference, as the 12 previous editions, will have
only one main session (with around 40 paper presentations and a poster
In the evening of the days of the conference a live-performances
Festival will be presented to a more large audience, together with an
exhibition of generative artworks.
The PROCEEDINGS (Abstract book and DVD with papers, posters, artworks
and performances presentations, with ISBN number) WILL BE PRINTED
BEFORE THE CONFERENCE and will be available starting from 14 December

Art & Science
Philosophy & Technology
Infinity & Identity
Image & Space
Visionary Scenarios & Virtual Environment
Cities Identity & Town Design
Software Art
Web Art
Industrial Design & Intelligent Production
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Artificial Behaviors
Generative Robotics
Teaching Theory
Visual Grammar

. 15 September 2010 (or before for early application and for receiving
an official invitation letter)
Presentation of proposals of Papers, Posters, Artworks, Installations,
Live Performances. PLEASE USE THE FORMAT because
the abstracts will be printed in the proceedings book.
You can send your abstract directly by email to . If you need an invitation letter
for funds applications and you need to have early acceptance, please
confirm it in the email.
. 15 October 2010
Communication of accepted proposals
. 10 November 2010
Presentation of final Papers (around 4000 words), Posters (max 2000
words), Artwork-installation and Live Performance presentation (max
2000 words)

. 14 December, 6:00PM exhibition opening cocktail
. 15 December, 9:00AM GA conference, 1:00PM lunch, 3:00PM GA
conference, 8:30PM Conference dinner
. 16 December, 9:00AM GA conference, 1:00PM lunch, 3:00PM GA
conference, 7:30PM Pizza snack, 8:30PM Live-performances Festival
. 17 December, 9:00AM GA conference, 1:00PM lunch, 3:00PM GA
conference, 7:30PM Pizza snack, 8:30PM Live-performances Festival

–    Early submitting, if requested, could be accepted in 15 days to
obtain a letter of invitation usable to fund applications or for
getting Visa.
–    No funds are available from GA2010 organization.
–    To ensure a high-quality conference, all abstract and papers will
be reviewed by the Conference Chair and Scientific Committee.
–    The proceedings of GA2010 will be printed in advance for having a
written support to the conference. The proceedings will present, in
sequence, the book with abstracts of papers, posters, presentation of
artworks, presentation of live performances with a DVD of full papers,
software, artworks, music and video of performances and all materials
presented by the participants. GA2010 proceedings will have its own
ISBN number.
–    All the presented and accepted contributions will be also
published in the website after the conference.
The websites and have
constantly in the last years around 3000 visitors each day.

as the previous editions, having chosen not to have sponsors, the fee
covers only the expenses of the conference like bags with proceedings,
printed materials, welcome cocktail, 6 coffee breacks, 3 lunches, 2
pizza snacks, the conference dinner and so on.
– No fees for performers presenting  their live performances and
attending only to the evening performances.
– Reduced fees for people presenting papers, posters, artworks and
– Extra reduced fee, without lunches, for students presenting posters.
More information about fees are in the website starting from September, or, at present
in the website