19 May 2011 Evening Keynote 7.15pm-9.15pm

20 May 2011 Full Day Workshop 9.00am-5.30pm
Lowy Centre Level 4 Kensington UNSW

Standard $49
Student $39

International keynotes
Timothy Morton, University of California Davis [Ecology without Nature and The Ecological Thought]
on The Time of Hyperobjects: New Directions for Ecological Philosophy

David Gissen, California College of the Arts [Subnature: Architecture’s Other Environment]
on Reflux: From Environmental Flows to Environmental Objects
What is ecological thinking and how does it transform the way we understand materials, objects and environments? Taking off from Tim Morton’s concept of hyperobjects, this HotHouse asks how we might radically rework ecological thought and curate (care for) hyperobjects.

Participants are invited to brainstorm about a future exhibition project on hyperobjects for the new gallery complex at the College of Fine Arts.

Gay Hawkins, University of Queensland on Political Matter
Stephen Healy, HPS/Environmental Studies, UNSW on Air Conditioning
Jill Bennett, NIEA, UNSW on Atmospheric Effects
Frances Dyson, NIEA, UNSW on The Racket: Sound and Sense
Stephen Muecke, Creative Writing, UNSW on Keeping Things Alive in their Place: the Vitalism of Human-Object Relations
Richard Goodwin, UNSW on Transformative Action
Paul Thomas, UNSW on Material Practice
David Gissen, Tim Morton, Jill Bennett with Douglas Kahn, NIEA, UNSW and Felicity Fenner, NIEA, UNSW  on Curating Materials

Convened by:
Jill Bennett and Douglas Kahn

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