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Throughout June our first residents for 2011 will be the widely recognised and awarded contemporary Australian artists Joyce Hinterding and David Haines. During their residency Hinterding and Haines’s will be taking advantage of the Winter Solstice and the big night skies at The WIRED Lab to expand upon their ‘EarthStar’ work.  The absence of manmade light, sound and minimal electromagnetic interference at The WIRED Lab will provide the ideal opportunity to photograph and listen to the stars, space and the sun. For more information about Hinterding and Haines’s work go to:



On Saturday 16th  & Sunday 17th July Hinterding and Haines will be returning to The WIRED Lab to facilitate the ‘Fields of Frequency’ workshop. The Wired Lab provides a unique opportunity to step into space, and consider how the very physical phenomena of sound, experienced through the long-wire installations, is mirrored and extends into the massless space of the electromagnetic environment.


Fields of Frequency’ will explore the concept of listening into and looking through selected frequency  ranges, or bandwidths with home-made, custom made  and amateur  devices  designed  for artistic  and real time performative outcomes. This approach will begin by looking directly into the sun through the H-alpha frequency -656.28 nm (6563 Angstroms) and opening up the possibility for basic wide field astrophotography (weather permitting).  Listening to the VLF  (3 KHz to 30 KHz), the Very Low Frequency range of the spectrum which is dominated by solar noise and the effects of the solar winds on our atmosphere and Tracking and Receiving LEO (Low Elevation Orbit) weather satellites equipped with automatic picture transmitters that transmit between (137-138 MHz) on wide band FM.


The workshop will proceed by looking into the varied approaches that people take to building photographic rigs, receiving systems and antenna, in order to conduct some of our own experiments and make recordings and images on site.


As our urban and home environments are becoming increasingly saturated by energised frequencies and we become aware that the real estate of the electromagnetic spectrum is being sold to the highest bidder, Hinterding and Haines would like to open up the window of experience into this universe through some simple principles and basic equipment.


The WIRED EAR Scheme provides financial assistance for young and emerging artists to attend selected WIRED Lab workshops. For the ‘Fields of Frequency’ workshop we will be offering funding support of between $100 – $250 to assist 12 emerging artists with the costs to attend the workshop. Artists who consider themselves to be ‘emerging’ are invited to submit a brief expression of interest (EOI) detailing their arts practice and how they feel they will benefit from being a WIRED EARS participant.


On your EOI please cite the amount of financial assistance you will require and keep your EOI to 1 A4 page. Also note that we don’t follow standard industry definitions of ‘young and emerging’ we expect you to determine where you place your practice and experience.
WIRED EARS expressions of interest are due on FRIDAY 1ST JULY


Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July
The workshop is offered for free to 20 participants, 12 of these places are reserved for WIRED EARS participants.  Held over two days, the workshop will include:

* VLF Building, astrophotography and satellite tracking.
* Permanent WIRED Lab residents Sarah Last & Dave Burraston will demonstrate the wire installations and discuss observations.

* Materials will be provided by the Wired Lab, please BYO recording and portable audio equipment.

* Lunch will be provided by the Wired Lab.


NOTE: workshop places are strictly limited, with a maximum capacity of 25 people. Places will need to be reserved ASAP, with bookings on a 1st come 1st served basis. Further information about the location of The Wired Lab and travel information can be found in this blog post
REMEMBER: this workshop has ***limited availability***
This is primarily for logistical reasons; BUT NOTE we host many workshops and an open day, so if you miss out this time there will be opportunity for many more people to get WIRED in the future.

Any further questions?
Please email Sarah at: