Deadline: Friday, 27th April 2012 (midnight)

ISEA2013 is pleased to announce that our second call for Expressions of Interest from artists and organisations wishing to develop, commission or present work in association with ISEA2013 is now open. Please see the Proposals Page for general information on submissions.

Australian Artists and Organisations with large-scale projects and collaborations

In this round we are inviting applications from Australian organisations and artists who want to propose large-scale new works and developmental projects with long lead-times in the areas of Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, ATSIA, Dance, Literature and Community Partnerships. If you have an idea for a Creative Australia project that might be suitable for an outcome in ISEA2013, we encourage you to apply now.

Artists with Individual Artworks

Unless your Expression of Interest is for a large-scale project that requires long lead-times, we recommend that you apply in our next round. This next round will be an Open Call for Artworks and will have more specific categories and guidelines. We will be announcing this final round in the next few weeks.

International Artists

If you are an international artist, with an individual artwork, we recommend that you apply in the next round. However, if you have an idea for a particularly large-scale project that is dependent on funding from other sources (i.e. government, philanthropic agencies, etc.) with deadlines approaching, you should contact us at to discuss your idea.

Please make sure you read our FAQ and visit our Proposals Page before making a submission.