The 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium 2012

Call For Paper

“The 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium will be held at China National Science and Technology Museum from Nov., 1st to Nov., 30th, 2012. As from today, the Organizing Committee invites from society the academic papers limited to the following contents and contains all the papers collected as a whole for publishing.

I. Subject
Information  Ecology  Intelligence
In the information era, the changing science and technology propel the human society forward, where the ecological civilization indicates the sustainable evolution of human living style and the human intelligence carries out the grand humanistic ideals with innovative values.
From the perspectives of information science, life science and ecological science, the exhibition and symposium, integrated with existing diverse ideas and art forms and carried by artistic esthetics, bio-information technology and ecological intelligence, focuses on the ultimate ideals and spirits of human being, explores the unknown and create the future with new thoughts and methods.

II Requirements on Paper
1. The paper should never be openly published on formal publications.
2. The paper should conform to the subject of the 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium.
3. The paper is required to be prominent in subject, definite in argument, succinct in style, and characterized by contemporary significance, original values and certain depth of thought.
4. Papers collected will be reviewed by the Academic Council of the organizing committee and those selected will be compiled into a paper collection of this Symposium (no different notice will be given to those lost in the selection).
5. The paper may be submitted in either Chinese or English, with the words limited to 5000, wherein the title, abstract (about 200-300 words) and key words (no more than 5), are required to be provided both in Chinese and English, wherever the author thereof comes from.

III Submission of Paper
1. The paper is required to be typeset with Word software and submitted by e-mail with the filename named after the title (name of the first author). No handwritten or printed paper is accepted.
2. The information, including author’s name, telephone, work unit, address and e-mail, etc., is required to be indicated at the end of the paper for the convenience of timely contact.
3. Please send the paper to:
4. Requirements on format and pictures attached
Any citation in the paper must be correct, for example, Einstein1……., while endnotes are required to be used for indicating reference sources, including author’s name, book name, edition, date of publication and page, etc.
Please follow the following examples in writing the descriptions:
      Author’s name, book name, edition (unnecessary for the first edition), place of publication, publisher, date of publication, page citation
For example: Wang Xu-cheng & Shao Ming, The basic principles of finite element method and numerical method, the second edition, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 1997, 55
Newman W M,Sbroull R F.Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics.New York:McGraw Hill,1979
Newman W M,Sbroull R F.Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics.New York:McGraw Hill,1979 [Norway] Svendsen, translated by Li Man, Fashion: A Philosophy, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2010, Pages 100-06
Documents cited in serials
Author’s name, title, name of journal, date of publication, volume (No.): Page
For example: Pu Xiao-ming & Long Yu-qiu, A Quadrilateral Element For Thin Plate Bending, Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1991, 23 (1): 53-60
Mastri A R.Neuropathy of diabetic neurogenic bladder.Ann Intern Med,1980,92(2.2):316~318
Documents cited in paper collections
Author’s name, title, see (In): Compiler of collection, name of collection, edition (unnecessary for the first edition), place of publication: publisher, date of publication, page.
For example: Zheng Quan-shui, Basic Researches and Frontier Subjects of Mechanics, see China Mechanics to 21st Century in China, Tsinghua University Press, 1996, 1-10
Weinstein L,Swartz M N.Pathogenic properties of invading microorganisma.In:Sodeman W A,Sodeman W A,ed.Pathologic physiology:mechanisms of disease.Philadelphia:Saunder,1974.457~472
Patent Documents
Patent applicant, patent name, nationality of patent, catalogue of patent document, patent no., date of publication
For example: Long Yun-jia, Chaotic Vibration Table, Patent of PRC, ZL 95 2 142783, Mar., 2nd, 1996
For references cited through internet, websites thereof are required to be indicated.
Requirements on pictures:
     Formats suitable for printing, including JPEG and TIFF, etc. are required, with the precision no less than 300dpi.

IV Deadline for Paper Collection:
The deadline for paper submission is Aug., 20th, 2012 (subject to the date when the Organizing Committee receives the e-mail).

V Means of Contact:
Add: Preparatory Office of the 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium
POST CODE:100084
Tel:+861062798270 62786998
Fax:+8610 62780266