forumCATCH FORUM 2013, Prague
International Forum on Cultures – Arts – Technologies – Creations – Handicap
6 April 2013
National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic

In the frame of

ENTER 6 International art | sci | tech | biennale Prague
4-7 April 2013

Call for abstracts: deadline 7 Mar 2013

The aim of the CATCH FORUM is to bring attention to the important field of handicap from the perspective of creative use of emerging media technologies. It has been designed as a catalyst of creative and critical response to handicap, with a main focus on the potential of new technologies in supporting artistic, cultural and social inclusion of the disabled.

CATCH FORUM will bring together artists, designers, innovators, creative technologists, educators, and scholars in the interactive and public engaging formats of discussions, roundtables and hands-on demonstration sessions. The goal is to map out and critically introduce the best practice in the field as well as to propose next essential steps, including cultural co-productions, educational synergies and policy recommendations.

This call addresses proposals from the perspectives of academic research as well as creative and therapy practice.

Do not hesitate to contact us at catch-forum [at] ciant [dot] cz