SLSA 2013 (“Postnatural?”), October 3-6, 2013. University of Notre Dame
Panel: “Fluxus and the Intersections of Art and Science”

James (Jim) McManus. Emeritus Professor, California State University, Chico
Roger Rothman. Associate Professor, Bucknell University
Fifty years ago, in 1963, George Maciunas released his Fluxus Manifesto
into the world. For him, Fluxus had the potential to “purge the world of
bourgeois sickness [and] promote a revolutionary flood and tide in art.”
What followed Maciunas’ declaration were acts of poetry, performance and
object making–almost all of which aimed to integrate art into life in ways
that were informed by the Dadaists and Surrealists before them. One of the
most interesting ways in which Fluxus artists integrated art and life
involved the incorporation of science and technology. For this year’s
conference of the SLSA, we propose a series of linked panels exploring the
scientific and technological aspects of Fluxus. Maciunas, for example, was
deeply interested in technologies of learning, and artists like Nam June
Paik and Joe Jones made work that deployed electronics and motorized
components. In addition to papers on Fluxus itself, we welcome
contributions that consider the influence of Fluxus on other artists who
engage science and technology in their work. Papers that extend the
boundaries of Fluxus are also welcome, including (but not limited to) those
address projects such as E.A.T., the LACMA “Art and Technology” program,
and the 1970 World’s Fair in Osaka.
Send proposals (150-250 words) to both Jim McManus and Roger Rothman:;
SLSA requires that organizers submitted their panels by April 15, so
proposals must arrive by March 15.