Art Science Residency Program 2013
The Arts and Creativity Lab & the Interactive and Digital Media Institute, the NUS Tembusu College, and Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory are pleased to announce the 2013 Arts/Science Residency program at the National University of Singapore. Selected artists will be invited to spend 4 months living on the NUS campus, engaging with students, faculty and researchers as they conduct projects exploring and making connections between art and science.

The Art/Science Residency is made possible with the support of the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum, and the National University of Singapore Tembusu College.

Themes for 2013 Art/Science Residency program are:

Climate Change and Environmental Futures
Projects may involve risk and apprehension of uncertainty, disasters, water, energy, oceanic dead zones, sustainability enterprise, or human ecological or material interactions.
Contemporary Asian and Future Cities
Projects may engage with scientific endeavors in architecture, digital fabrication, housing, transportation, density and land-use, collaborative design, or visualisation of urban processes.

The Research Host for the both residencies will be modules within the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory (FCL). Project proposals are expected to have strong synergies with specific FCL module themes, research, and resources.

The Residential Host for both residencies will be Tembusu College. The themes have been chosen to coincide with two Senior Seminars within the college to provide students with opportunities for coordinating projects with artistic work carried out during the residencies. Project proposals should indicate strong potential for engagement with students.

Final Events (in a form appropriate for the specific projects) will be presented at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Selection – Proposals will be evaluated by the ASR Review Committee comprised of NUS science and arts faculty and an international advisory team of artists and scientists. Final selections will be coordinated with the Research and Residential Hosts in conjunction with the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum. Projects will be evaluated based upon:

artistic merit,
potential to engage audience, participants, researchers, faculty, and community in the project through seminars, development, or realization of the work.
relevance to FCL research and available resources,
potential to involve students,
thematic relevance,
connection to SE Asian region,
budget, and
Time Period – Two four-month residencies are available for the following specific dates:

August 1 – November 30, 2013
Funding Support – Resident Artists will be provided with NUS campus housing and board, SD$3000/month artist fee, travel to and from Singapore, and are eligible to receive funding for materials and resources up to SD$4000.

Proposals – Application forms can be downloaded from the website, and should be submitted by email (address on application form). Deadline June 2nd, 2013.

Expectations Management:

Student involvement – Residency projects will be coordinated with two Senior Seminars at Tembusu College but the form of student involvements will be based on the artists’ proposal.

Research Lab Involvement: Research Directors relevant to the Themes have agreed to facilitate engagement with their labs. This may include access to space, equipment, contact with researchers, lab seminar presentations, etc. However, the involvement of students and researchers in the Labs will be voluntary.


Application Forms:

Lonce Wyse, Associate Professor

Communications and New Media Department
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Director, IDMI Arts and Creativity Lab
National University of Singapore

Margaret Tan, Fellow and Director of Programmes

Tembusu College, University Town
National University of Singapore