We are pleased to announce the launch of VIDA 15.0, an edition featuring several novelties. For example, this year we have introduced the Telefónica I+D Incentive award. The winner of this new prize will receive assistance from a Telefónica team of experts in research, development and innovation and will be invited to the Telefónica I+D Research Centre in Barcelona. Moreover, in this year’s edition the general public will also be able to participate via our website with the People’s Choice Award. One of the honorary mentions will go to the project that receives the most votes after the jury makes its preliminary selection. The voting process will be open to all online users.

Finalised Projects / Incentives for Production / Dates / Jury / Enquiries

VIDA 15.0 presents two categories: Finalised Projects & Incentives for Production.
Each participant may only submit one project to each category.


This category awards projects which must have been developed and produced after 2011. Winners of previous editions are welcome to participate again, and projects that received “Incentives for Production” in past years and have since been completed are also eligible to participate. There will be three winning projects selected by the jury: First Prize: 18,000 euros (*), Second Prize: 14.000 euros (*), Third Prize: 8,000 euros (*).

In addition to the winners of the three main prizes, we will also choose seven participants to receive honourable mentions and compete for the special People’s Choice Award. Of these mentions, only the People’s Choice Award is endowed with a cash prize, the amount of which will be 2,500 euros.

The People’s Choice Award will go to the project that receives the most votes from the public in the seven days immediately following the announcement of the official award winners. Votes will be cast electronically on the VIDA website and social networks.

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VIDA 15.0 Incentives for Production category helps to finance artistic projects involving artificial life that have not yet been produced. This category of the competition is open to creators who are citizens or legal residents of Spain, Portugal or any country in Latin America. This category is endowed with a total of 40,000 euros(*), which will be divided among five proposals selected by the jury pannel. The sum allocated to each project will not exceed the amount of 8.000 euros, so the budget must be done according to this quantity.

Telefónica I+D Incentive
This year’s edition of the VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards, VIDA 15.0, is being organised in collaboration with the research and development division of the Telefónica group, Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo, with the aim of encouraging innovation using the latest artificial life technologies. Of the five award-winning projects, the jury and the Telefónica I+D team will choose one that will receive additional support (as well as the Incentives for Production cash prize) to assist with its development.
The artist or artists (in the event of a joint project) will receive assistance from experts on research, development and innovation in cutting-edge information technologies. In addition to benefiting from regular advice and contact online, the artist/s will also be invited to spend a maximum of one month in Telefónica’s innovation department in Barcelona (Spain), with all accommodation and travel expenses paid. If the project is presented by a collective, the travel and accommodation expenses will be limited to a maximum of two people for the duration of the internship, which shall not exceed one month. All the travel and accommodation arrangements are personal and nontransferable and therefore may not be passed on to anyone else.
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Project submission timeline: from 23rd April to 31th July 2013. The deadline for submitting projects is 31th July 2013 at midnight (Spanish mainland time zone). The jury’s decision will be announced in October 2013.


The projects submitted will be examined by an international jury comprising the following members: Mónica Bello (Spain),Andreas Broeckmann (Germany), Rejane Cantoni (Brazil), Martin Kaltenbrunner (Austria), Seiko Mikami (Japan), Sally-Jane Norman (New Zealand/France), Nell Tenhaaf (Canada) and Laura Fernández-Orgaz (Fundación Telefónica Responsible for de Art and Technology Projects). The jury’s decision is final.

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If you have any queries about the contest, you can view the following FAQs documents:

> FAQs: Finalised Projects
> FAQs: Incentives for Production

You can also contact us by email at vida@telefonica.es


*Cash prize amounts are subject to the withholdings required under Spanish fiscal law at the time of payment. If the winner’s country of residence for tax purposes has signed a double-taxation treaty with Spain, the withholding may be waived by presenting a certificate of tax residency.