Department of Art at Aalto University are editing a special issue of our online publication Synnyt/Origins on bioart this December.

The goal of this special issue of Synnyt is to engage writers from various backgrounds in arts, education, philosophy, and natural sciences to discuss the promises and problems of biological art as a contemporary artistic practice. The issue is connected to a symposium in bioart and education held at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University in October 2014. The issue will be published in December 2014.
The main text of each manuscript, exclusive of figures, tables, references, or appendices, should be 3000–5000 words, in English or Finnish. The manuscript must include the name of the author(s), institutional affiliation, and complete mailing and email address.

Questions and completed drafts to Prof. Helena
Submission deadline: 15 November, 2014.