macOS Sierra Update – Software Incompatibility

Following on from yesterday’s post, where UNSW IT recommended our users wait before updating to Sierra, we’re collecting all known incompatible software here.

Please bookmark this post and check back, we will update the post as incompatible software is discovered, or currently broken software is fixed for Sierra.


The new version of macOS 10.12 “Sierra”, released today, introduces changes that impact many non-United States regions and locales. These changes are not currently compatible with any version of MATLAB. We recommend that you learn more on and do not upgrade to macOS 10.12 at this time if you are impacted.

Please contact MathWorks Support with any questions.

MathWorks Customer Service Team




In testing of X7.7 with the Golden Master version of macOS Sierra 10.12, we found some issues with the PDF viewer. We will also verify when the official version of 10.12 releases on Tuesday, September 20th, and confirm on this thread.

The issues are that the thumbnail view is missing and that selecting and highlighting text is misaligned (meaning the text that is highlighted is slightly removed from where your cursor is). We have since reported these issues to Apple.

Opening up your PDFs to annotate in an external PDF application will work, as does the annotation workflow on the free EndNote for iPad app. But, if you are a user that relies heavily on PDF annotation workflows in X7, we recommend that you do not upgrade to Sierra.

As an X7 Mac user, you should have received an in app message alerting you to these issues as well.

For site license administrators trying to install via creating an unlocked DMG workflow, please get in touch with our Support team and they can walk you through the steps.

We have not found any other Sierra related issues with X7.7. So, if you upgrade to Sierra after Tuesday and encounter something not listed above, please contact our Support team and they can help distinguish whether it is Sierra related or otherwise.

Thank you,

Meredith M.



From the folks at MakeMusic: Apple’s new Mac operating system, macOS Sierra (10.12), is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, September 20, 2016. Last week Apple released the gold master version of Sierra for testing purposes. We have confirmed that Finale v.25, Finale 2014.5, and Finale 2014d work well in the upcoming OS, as does Finale PrintMusic 2014.5 and 2014. We are aware of two issues. Palettes do not resize properly, and the SmartMusic Markers utility (found only in Finale) will crash. (This doesn’t impede your ability to save SmartMusic accompaniments.) While we will address both issues in an upcoming free-of-charge update to Finale v.25, there will not be updates to any 2014 or 2014.5 apps.



GRAPHISOFT is continuously testing it’s current products with macOS 10.12 Sierra. Until further recommendation, please do not Upgrade to Sierra. GRAPHISOFT plans to maintain compatibility with version 19 and 20.

Update: macOS 10.12 Sierra specific issues were fixed in ARCHICAD 20 Update (Build 4012) andARCHICAD 19 Update (7006). Please note that these updates have passed Quality Control for the INT, USA and GER language versions, and they are currently under testing for the rest of the language versions.

Junos Pulse
Lastest version does not work with Sierra

As many other software vendors, Parallels Development team is working on the required tweaks to make sure you can run your virtual machines on macOS Sierra, as well as install macOS Sierra in a virtual machine.

Please note that while macOS Sierra is in the preview stage, we do not guarantee a resolution for issues with Parallels products and macOS Sierra, however, we are planning to make sure macOS Sierra works with Parallels Desktop for Mac shortly after the official Mac OS X Sierra release time.

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