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Collaborative Research in Art Science and Humanity (CRASH) will facilitate the development of research within the areas of culture, art and science.The creative ideology associated with the arts, linked to the immersive aspects of new science will develop initial research clusters in to areas of: Chemistry, Augmented realities, Nanotechnology, Spatial Sciences, Biology, Located media and artificial intelligence.


Linked to the National Institute for Experimental Art, CRASH@UNSW | Art and Design will be both an advanced research concept and a dynamic hub of new networks that engage artists, researchers and scientists in a wide range of regional, national and international contexts.

Collaborative Research in  Art Science and Humanity Research is much more than a technological project as it encompasses both new and established forms of creative expression along an analogue-digital continuum. Embodying a desire to develop new fields of practice and theory, as well as new research areas on the arts-science interface, signifying a commitment to transdisciplinary research at the cutting edge of the arts, humanities and science.  As a nationally unique research infrastructure with regional links to established collaborative connections to international research networks, CRASH will be the driving force in collaboration, research and excellence.

Current projects

To generate and build an internationally recognised plus Leonardo endorsed art and science cloud curricula by focusing on the establishment of an initial basic unit/module outline. The artsci wiki will is colonised by contemporary scholars who have suggested and created  attributes and course work that could  be undertaken to produce the foundational set of understandings to enable students to engage in the world of art and science.


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