CFP: Electromagnetic Field 2012, Milton Keynes UK


About the Event

Electromagnetic Field 2012 is a three-day camping festival in the UK
for people with an inquisitive mind and an interest in science,
engineering, DIY, technology, arts, or crafts. It will be a cross
between a tech conference and a music festival, with talks and
workshops on a wide range of subjects. A great opportunity to meet
like-minded people, to learn, to teach, to play, and have a drink with
a stranger. A festival for anyone interested in 3D printing, DIYBio,
textiles, electronics, Internet culture, music hacking, space,
lockpicking, homebrewing, computer security, robots, UAVs, mind
hacking, radio, and pretty much anything else you can think of… in a


A 1h presentation about a topic in science, engineering, DIY,
technology, arts, or crafts. The allocated time includes Q&A, setup,
and teardown.


A 1h, 2h, or 3h workshop involving practices in science, engineering,
DIY, technology, arts, or crafts. The allocated time includes setup
and teardown.

We hope to have enough desk space and chairs for everyone, but details
are yet to be determined. If you prefer to hold open-ended workshops
then we encourage you to start or join a village: see below for


Musical performances, DJ sets, artistic performances, general evening
entertainment, …

We will provide a stage area in a tent and a basic PA.


Villages are dedicated camping areas for particular groups, with
shared access to power and Internet. You can form a village for your
local hackerspace, art form, project, or any other community. This
makes it easier for people to get to know each other and encourages
collaboration while at the festival, be it for cooking sessions or to
build ambitious installations.

Villages are not planned through our submissions system. Instead you
can register your village here:

You may also be interested in our mailing list and IRC channel:

Venue Details

EMF 2012 is a camping festival in a field. The venue is Pineham Park,
near Milton Keynes in the UK.

We plan to have two event tents with an audience capacity of about 100
each, both with access to power and Internet, each with a projector,
and at least one of the tents will have a PA for larger presentations.
We also aim to have camp-wide wifi, and ethernet ports in key

We will attempt to stream the talks and performances and publish the
recordings after the event.

Budget and Travel expenses

The EMF camp is a non-profit event produced entirely by volunteers,
and speakers are not paid. Unfortunately we can not subsidise your
entry ticket, and we do not have a travel budget for contributors
either; due to the nature of the event we expect that everyone pays.
We may be able to make a few very rare exceptions, but don’t count on

Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for submission is Friday 29 June 2012, 23:59 UTC.
Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail as early as
possible, but on Friday 13 July 2012 the latest.

Electromagnetic Field 2012 is held between Friday 31 August and Sunday
2 September 2012.


All proposals for talks, workshops and performances must be submitted
online using our submission system at Please follow the
instructions, and state if you have special requirements besides the
basics mentioned there. If you have any questions regarding your
submission you can contact us at

For more details about the event in general see our wiki at

Please note that much of this may be subject to changes, in which case
we will make corresponding announcements. To stay up do date follow
@emfcamp, or have a look at our mailing list and IRC channel: