MutaMorphosis: Tribute to Uncertainty

International Conference
December 6-8, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

Call for Abstracts

We invite you to respond to the Tribute to Uncertainty theme and/or to
address one of the 21 streams of interest led by 28 conference Attractors.

Deadline: July 1, 2012

Submission page:

Do you have something original to say about our world that is increasingly
fuzzy, unstable and chaotic? Are you interested in how crisis, uncertainty
and complexity can come together in order to question the known as well as
predict and/or model yet unknown? Do you want to share projects
intrinsically linking domains of scientific, artistic and technological
research and creativity that can be introduced as relevant tools for better
understanding of our common future?

The aim of this Call for Abstracts is to provide opportunity for community
of interdisciplinary practitioners to get engaged in a transformative
conversation on mutant futures.

Feel free to address conference Attractors and respond to a specific stream
of interest in order to get involved with other interested individuals and
collectives in structured collaborative efforts before, during, and
hopefully also after the conference. Research groups formed by the
Attractors -who serve as the Reviewers- will be expected to elaborate on the
general theme Tribute to Uncertainty while turning attention to concrete
research objectives as defined by the streams.

The results should be curated panels, roundtables, workshops as well as

Priority will be given to innovative and challenging proposals.

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preparatory committee, partnerships) please visit

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