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2012 Interfece Strategies conference proceedings



Introduction  Su Baker, Paul Thomas and Jan Andruszkiewicz

IMAGES (R)-EVOLUTION: Image Science and Digital Humanities

Oliver Grau

Transversal interference

Anna Munster

Re_mediations in the Bio_digital

Patricia Adams

The (New) Accident of Art.

Dr. Su Ballard

Transposon Painting

Dr Andre Brodyk

Inferences Through Interferences

Bettina Bruder


Brogan Bunt


Edward Colless

 The case of Biophilia: a collective composition of goals and distributed action

Mark Cypher

Click If You Like This, or OCCUPY as Spectacle: a Technological Derive

Glenn D’Cruz & Dirk de Bruyn.

Contaminated immersion: art and the space between.

David Eastwood

 Everyday, everywhere and the erasure of measure

Associate Professor Donal Fitzpatrick

Unknown Unknowns: things we do not know we do not know

Michael Goldberg

 The Art of Decoding: n-folded, n-visioned, n-cultured

Mark Guglielmetti

Looking into the Light: Examining the Apparatus in Contemporary Art

Christopher Handran


Beverley Hood

Enactive research: Transversal possibilities for expanding the imaging of art-science

Jondi Keane.

Noise as Abstraction: Enhancing the Poetic

Daniel Mafe & Andrew R. Brown

Headless and Unborn: Interfering with Bataille and Masson’s Image of the Acephale.

Leon Marvell

Interference Wave: Data and Art

Adam Nash

Redundancy in Photography.

Daniel Palmer.

Looking at Drawing: A Discourse on Vision in Drawing Practice.

Kirsten Perry

Photograms, Memory and Touch

Pamela Salen.

Machine Autobiographies for Art Making

Tom Schofield .

Cutting on action: Interference strategies in contemporary art practice.

Grant Stevens.

The Autopoiesis of Colour in the Age of Machinic Shine

Mark Titmarsh .

Hangin’ on the Telephone

Darren Tofts & Lisa Gye

Transdisciplinary Form and Production: Reflections on Translation, Embodiment and Mobility (through Alma Mater, 2011)

Robert Walton and James Oliver