New Imaging: transdisciplinary strategies for art beyond the new media

Transdisciplinary Image Conference Proceedings


The Un-paintable Image: Gerhard Richter, Ethics and Representation 

Darryn Ansted Curtin University of Technology

Visualising Matter and Cosmologies: An Example Based on a Transhistorical Approach

Lucia Ayala Humboldt University of Berlin / Granada University

Dr. Jaime E. Forero-Romero Cosmology Group, Astrophysical Institute Potsdam

Projecting the Audiovisual Object 

Lloyd Barrett Queensland University of Technology

Seeing Like a Robot: Augmented Reality Vision  

Kathy Cleland The University of Sydney

Take a Good Hard Look at Yourself: Autoscopia and the Networked Image. 

JustinClemens University of Melbourne.

Adam Nash RMIT

Iconicity: the Medium of Miraculous Images

Edward Colless Victorian College of the Arts

Zwischenräume: The Machine as Voyeur 

Petra Gemeinboeck College of Fine Arts, UNSW Rob Saunders University of Sydney

Compumorphic Art – The Computer as Muse 

Dr Ian Gwilt Sheffield Hallam University

Painting in Transit: A re-mapping of painting’s changed terms of reference. 

Stephen Little National Arts School, Sydney

Imaging affect: abstraction and the echo of the unknowable.

Dr. Daniel Mafe Queensland University of Technology

Syzygy: gazing at shadows, darkly.

Harry Nankin

New Imaging: Transdisciplinary Strategies For Art Beyond The New Media .

Gavin Perin University of Technology Sydney, Linda Matthews University of Technology Sydney.

The Transdisciplinary Potential of Remediated Painting.

AnneRingPetersen Universityo f Copenhagen.

GROW: Visualising Nature at Nanoscale

Erica Seccombe, Australian National University.

Contemporary Hybrid Painting: The Aesthetics of a Post-Medium Condition. 

Dr Mark Titmarsh, University of Technology, Sydney.

After the Screen: Array Aesthetics and Transmateriality

Mitchell Whitelaw University of Canberra.