Leonardo Education Forum

Federation Theatre
Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
Wednesday, 26th November, 2009

The LEF workshop was conducted as part of the Re:live Media Art History 09 conference held in Melbourne, Australia, from the 26th to the 29th November 2009.  The 2009 Forum was focused around three strategic themes:

1) The role of research in media art, science and technology

2) The role of curricula: Mapping the terrain.

3) The role of institutions: Institutional/Organisational capacities and benchmarks.

Three working groups discussed these items separately after focused, introductory presentations by Oliver Grau, Ross Harley and Ian Clothier respectively.   Summaries of the outcomes of these working groups, as well as the presentations, have been tabled separately.  The following summary was complied by Darren Tofts and constitutes a series of concentrations of key themes, priorities and ideas developed during the day, rather than a summary of resolutions and outcomes.  These will be addressed in the specific group summaries.

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