Workshops Developing Cloud Curricula in Art and Science

‘So what would a “Art Science Cloud Curriculum” be in the face of networked culture?’


The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST),  Art Science Cloud Curricula workshop will generate and build an internationally recognised and Leonardo endorsed art and science cloud curriculum course outline. The workshop outcome would be a curriculum that could become a benchmark of what we see as quintessentially important to engage in the world of research at the core of Art/Science.

This workshop is established in collaboration with the research being developed for the Science, Engineering, Art and Design  SEADcurriculum white paper and STEAM. The proposed workshop would be able to define and construct an actual sample curriculum that would be placed on an art science cloud wiki.

The workshops would happen in real-time with invited collaborators at two significant events in 2012;

1. The Re-New  The Interactive Media Arts Conference (IMAC) is an annual interdisciplinary and international conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It provides the ideal framework for artists, curators, researchers, engineers and students to meet, present and discuss their findings in new media art. Morten Søndergaard, Aalborg University Copenhagen is the chair of IMAC 2012  which is held in parallel with the re-new 2012 digital arts festival, on November 19-24 2012 and for this year, IMAC 2012 wishes to take a fresh look at Cybernetics.

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2. MutaMorphosis: Tribute to Uncertainty CIANT – Prague CIANT from December 6, December 8, 2012. MutaMorphosis II should therefore be contextualised in a world undergoing a complete mutation, jolting at all its points of articulation, whether political, economic, diplomatic, geographic, ecological, technological or communicative.

The workshop would encourage contemporary scholars, artists, scientists and theorist in the area of art and science to discuss, suggest and create the aims, attributes, readers and course work that should be undertaken to produce a fundamental set of considerations that would enable students to engage in the world of art and science.

The workshop would utilize contemporary networked technologies to build the curriculum in real-time that would become the foundation of an art and science cloud curriculum wiki.
The project aims to use the wiki to affect a shift in the perception of art and science students and staff toward an understanding of new paradigms of research and learning that challenge and transcend disciplinary boundaries. The curriculum will privilege metacognitive interrogation of content and (re)visioning of traditional disciplinary research methodologies using a syncretic integration of heuristic and practice-based inquiry.

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The workshops will build on previous Leonardo Education and Art Forum: Transdisciplinary Visual Arts, Science & Technology Renewal Post-New Media Assimilation workshop held in 2011.

‘Somehow the “Art-Science Cloud Curriculum” needs to respond to the new realities of the evolving organization of research and knowledge. It may be that universities are mal-adapted to evolve to the new situation; the whole diploma structure (BSc, MA, MFA, PhD) was designed for a world that no longer exists; even the new distance learning and on-line institutions such as the Kahn Academy are a premature response that will be overtaken by new systems. If a student really wants access to the best education that addresses the STEAM vision, that allows for multiple educational “pathways” through science, engineering, arts and humanities, maybe we need a ‘serious game’ environment that summons at the appropriate time the best teacher or mentor on the planet for the problem at hand, that mobilises collective group learning technologies of massive collaborative games, that matches budget to the best educational opportunities, that optimizes ‘blended learning” approaches to combine face to face time, on line collaboration time and access to distant learning resources’. Roger F Malina


Paul Thomas

College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

Curtin University, WA

Leonardo Education and Art Forum: International Liaison.



LEAF is a working group of Leonardo/ISAST, a California 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Leonardo ® is a registered trademark of ISAST.