In this paper, the author looks at the evidence from the international Leonardo Education and Arts Forum on art/science cloud curriculum workshops he instigated in Copenhagen and Prague in 2012. These workshops discussed the aims of affecting a shift in perception toward a foundational understanding of new paradigms for research and learning that challenge and transcend disciplinary boundaries. The curriculum privileged a metacognitive interrogation of content and (re)visioning of traditional disciplinary research methodologies using a syncretic integration of heuristic and practice-based inquiry

Thomas, P. (2015). “The Transdisciplinary Cloud Curriculum.” Leonardo 48(5): 474-475.


The paper will explore a connection between the historical evolution of media arts education and the re-emerging symbiosis of fine art and science. The art and science environment is rich with the potential to embrace, expand and critically reflect on culture in a post-media art context. This paper explores the potential of transdisciplinary approaches, theoretical practice and a nomadic discourse to the broader art research culture in a contemporary university framework.