Transdisciplinary Imaging conference Audio presentations.

Location: ARTSPACE

5 – 6  November at Artspace, 43-51 Cowper Wharf Rd, Sydney, NSW 2011.


Day 1 5th November Session Chaired by Brogan Bunt

9.45: Keynote Presentation by Jens Hauser

Transimage_Day 1_Intro & Jens Hauser -mp3

10.45: Respondent: Oron Catts

Transimage_Day 1_Oron Catts-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

Session Chaired by Martyn Jolly

11.40: Presentation 1  Edward Colless,  Iconicity: the medium of miraculous images

Transimage_Day 1_Martyn Jolly_Edward Colless-mp3

12.00: Presentation 2  Petra Gemeinboeck/Rob Saunders, Zwischenräume: The Machine as Voyeur

Transimage_Day 1_Gemeinboech:Saunders-mp3

12.20: Presentation 3  Ian Gwilt, Compumorphic art – the computer as muse

Transimage_Day 1_Ian Gwilt-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

12.40: Discussion

Transimage_Day 1_Jolly_discussion-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

Session Chaired by Ross Harley

2.00: Presentation 4  Kathy Cleland, Seeing like a robot: augmented reality vision

Transimage_Day 1_Ross Harley_Kathy Cleland-mp3

2.40: Presentation 6  Mitchell Whitelaw,  After the Screen: Array Aesthetics and Transmateriality

Transimage_Day 1_Mitchell Whitelaw-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

3.00: Presentation 7  Linda Matthews/Gavin Perin, The modern Picturesque and techniques of adaptation

Transimage_Day 1_Linda Matthews-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

3.20: Discussion

Transimage_Day 1_Harley_Discussion 2-AAC 128Kbps-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

Session Chaired by Daniel Mafe

4.00: Presentation 8   Justin Clemens/Adam Nash, Take a good hard look at yourself: Autoscopia and the networked image

Transimage_Day 1_Justin Clemens_Adam Nash-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

4.20: Presentation 9   Lloyd Barret, Projecting the Audiovisual Object

Transimage_Day 1_Lioyd Barret-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

4.40: Discussion

Transimage_Day 1_Mafe_Discussion 3-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

Session Chaired by Paul Thomas

6.00 – 8.30pm Online keynote presentation by Roy Ascott

Transimage_Day 1_Paul Thomas_Roy Ascott-mp3

DAY2 6th November Session Chaired by Su Baker 9.45: Keynote Presentation by Anne Ring Petersen

Transimage_Day 2_Su Baker_Anne Ring Petersen-AAC 128Kbps-mp3


10.45: Respondent: Andrew Frost

Transimage_Day 2_Andrew Frost-mp3

Transimage_Day 2_Andrew Frost-AAC 128Kbps.m4a

Session Chaired by Edward Colless

11.40: Presentation 1 Stephen Little, Painting in Transit: A re-mapping of painting’s changed terms of reference.

Transimage_Day 2_Edward Colless_Stephen Little-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

12.00: Presentation 2 Darryn Ansted, Paintable, all too Paintable

Transimage_Day 2_Darryn Ansted-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

12.20: Presentation 3 Daniel Mafe, Imaging affect: abstraction and the echo of the unknowable

Transimage_Day 2_Daniel Mafe-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

12.40:  Discussion

Transimage_Day 2_Colless_Discussion-mp3

Session Chaired by Brad Buckley

2.00: Presentation 4    Leon Marvell, The Pineal Eye & The Matrixial Void

Transimage_Day 2_Brad Buckley_Leon Marvell-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

2.20: Presentation 5    Mark Titmarsh, Contemporary Hybrid Painting: The Poetics of a Post-Medium Condition.

Transimage_Day 2_Mark Titmarsh-AAC 128Kbps-Untitled MP3

2.40: Presentation 6    Erica Seccombe, GROW

Transimage_Day 2_Erica Seccombe-AAC 128Kbps-mp3


3.00: Discussion

Transimage_Day 2_Buckley_Discussion-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

Session Chaired by Ross Harley

3.40: Presentation 8    Lucia Ayala/Jaime E. Forero-Romero, Visualising Matter and Cosmologies: an Example Based on a Transhistorical Approach.

Transimage_Day 2__Lucia Ayala-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

4.00: Presentation  9    Harry Nankin, Syzygy: Gazing at shadows, darkly

Transimage_Day 2_Harry Nankin-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

Transimage_Day 2_Harry Nankin-AAC 128Kbps

4.20: Presentation 10  Douglas Kahn, Thomas Ashcraft, Observer and Trader of Specimens

Transimage_Day 2_Douglas Kahn-AAC 128Kbps-mp3


Transimage_Day 2_Harley_Discussion-AAC 128Kbps-mp3

4.40: Plenary Discussion

Transimage_Day 2_Plenary-AAC 128Kbps-mp3